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Better 4 Hooves Biotin Hoof Supplement


Better 4 Hooves is a totally unique hoof product.

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Better 4 Hooves was created by an Olympic Farrier and vets for horses in competition or simply for equines with poor feet.

Many hoof products are supplied almost as an add-on by companies who produce a range of equine supplements in the UK.

Whilst they have core ingredients that are the same, it is fine and special balancing of blands which make the Better 4 Hooves product so much more effective.

Better 4 Hooves Biotin Hoof Supplement
The highest quality ingredients are blended together at the appropriate levels to act in a totally synergistic manner, this allows the active ingredients to be fully absorbed and therefore optimized by the horses body to fully benefit the horn and hoof growth, strength and quality.

Each Pot provides a 3 month supply which outlines Better 4 Hooves excellent value for money.

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