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Formula 4 Feet 7kg


Formula 4 Feet 7kg

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The nutrition for hooves provided by Formula4 Feet leads to obvious improvement in hoof horn quality.

Formula4 Feet is the first non-GM hoof supplement to be made anywhere in the world. It is manufactured in the UK in a drug free UFAS approved facility complying to ISO 9001 standards and has gained approval by the Vegetarian Society due to there being no ingredients of animal or molluscan origin and to the ethical production and development policies which Equi Life employs.

Formula4 Feet provides over 65 micronutrients in a highly palatable pellet. These include 10 multivitamins, 18 amino acids, 16 minerals, 4 antioxidants and essential fatty acids including omega 3`s. Due to it’s comprehensive formulation Formula4 Feet is an excellent general supplement to help keep your horse in tip top health.

Formula4 Feet provides zinc as both organic and inorganic forms providing optimal availability yet allowing the horse to retain intestinal selectivity during absorption. Zinc is important for correct hoof horn and skin growth; deficiency results in parakeratosis. Formula4 Feet contains methionine an important natural sulphur containing amino acid. Methionine is necessary to provide the building blocks of strong hoof horn.

Formula4 Feet provides generous amounts of phospholipids from natural ingredients. Phospholipids are essential dietary components for incorporation into all cell membranes. This function is vital throughout the body not only in the hoof where phospholipids are intimately involved in keeping the horn free from infections and maintaining a normal water balance.

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